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Apr 25, 2012


More flowers. Violets this time. It´s still too chilly to put them outside, but they seem to like it inside too. I always buy blue ones, don´t know why. The other pot is old Arabia and the larger one just some cheap china. I kind of like my pots with four legs. Both 2nd hand.

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At 25/4/12 13:08 , Blogger Elsa said...

Nättejä! Minäkin taidan käydä kukkakaupassa, kiitos muistuksesta ;)

At 25/4/12 17:30 , Blogger AMM blog said...

Such beautiful pansies!

At 25/4/12 19:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh.... i love color on white base! It's always a success!

At 25/4/12 22:26 , Anonymous Lina på rumochrabalder said...

I love your flowers. So innocent and strong.

At 26/4/12 10:49 , Blogger maiju said...

Thank you all! Nothing brights up life as flowers!

At 27/4/12 00:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nättejä orvokkeja! Orvokit kestävät jonkin verran kylmää, kyllä ne voi nyt jo ulos viedä... ei kai enää tule kovia pakkasia. Eihän??! ;)

At 13/11/12 03:19 , Blogger Marcela Machado Vanègue said...

I am in love with your blog, my dream is to live in a bright white house like yours. Right now I live in NYC, is good but is chaotic! I love scandinavian design, you guys are so luck for being from a such wonderful culture. All the best for you and congrats to your new baby! ;)


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