Sivu on muuttanut uuteen osoitteeseen


Apr 16, 2012


__________Sometimes you get the colors as they are.

Have a good day!


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At 17/4/12 15:36 , Anonymous Lelanie Slater said...


I just found your blog via Pinterest. It is so lovely. The simplicity is refreshing. I especially love this table scape. The pastel hues are beautiful. It was the calming force just when I needed it. Thanks.

At 18/4/12 23:12 , Blogger ffluwer said...

It looks relly fresh and cool. I like the colors.

At 19/4/12 10:50 , Blogger maiju said...

Thank you - you are too kind! My style varies though a lot, but I like simplicity once in a while too :)

At 19/4/12 10:51 , Blogger maiju said...

Thank you! Pastels are great altough I´m more into contrasts.


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