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May 19, 2012


Neon-värit kiinnostaa - niitä kun löytyy nyt luonnostakin! Poimin yhden oksan eteiseen hehkumaan. Omassa kaulassa on H&M:n muovihelmet, juuri sopivasti efektiä melkein aina mustissa kulkevalle.

I´m into neon colors. Someone could say that they are unnatural, but it isn´t true. At least these fresh blooming leaves are almost as bright! I had to have some neon for my clothing in from a plastic necklage from H&M. Nice detail among all the black that I usually wear...

►► Have a good day!  /  m

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At 19/5/12 18:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just loope the neon, and it Can brighten every rainy day! Nice detailist and lovely blog you have, I love your cobber mirror, cam I ask where you got if from? Have a beautiful evening!

At 19/5/12 21:16 , Anonymous Nordic leaves said...

I love neon colors and I love your mirror, so beautiful:)
Have a nice evening!

At 20/5/12 11:30 , Blogger Jokke said...

Noeonvärit piristävät kuin kevät.

At 22/5/12 16:07 , Blogger Kaisa said...

On tuo peili kyllä hienonhieno. Tykkään kovasti.

At 25/5/12 18:18 , Anonymous Amanda Englund said...

Sinulla on ihana blogi!! :)


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